Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mom Time

Hello fellow crafters! Sorry, I put card making on the back burner as my first child has started kindergarten and we are getting into a rhythm for the school year. Tonight was my first Back To School Night...interesting. But you aren't here for that story, so...

I recently took advantage of a Peachy Keen Sale and purchased a bunch of new stamps that I'm looking forward to creating some cards with. My current project waiting for me is a batch of Halloween cards that I'm making for a card swap group that I joined on Facebook. I have pieces picked out for the cards but I'm having a huge mental block of how to place them on a card and make the cards boo-ti-ful! My five year old son was asking me why the pieces were on my table still and I told him of my issue. His response to "I can't figure out how to put the pieces on the paper to make it look boo-ti-ful." had me laughing. He replied, "Mom, you are silly, you use glue and glue them down!" I just love him! Well, until next time, be good crafters!

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