Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Center Cut Card

Hello fellow crafty friends! I am so excited about mastering a Center Cut Card for a 6.5" square envelope. The envelope is a bit bigger, but it leaves you room to float things off of the edges of the card. You need an A2 sized card for your liner (lighter in color than the color of the cardstock you will be using...I usually use white inside). The cardstock I use is a 6x12" size. One inch in from each side starting at 1.5" up from the bottom, I slice up to 7.5". I create edge folds at 1.5" (valley fold) and 3" (mountain fold) on each side only to the cut and again where the cut ends at 7.5" only from outer part of card to cut area. Then the center fold between the cuts is at 6". Or, you can skip the last 2 steps and just grab your bone folder. Make sure your first two folds, valley and mountain, have been done before lining up the 6 inch sides. Starting from that 6 inch edge using your bone folder, work your way to the top edge where your folds will be. I'm going to try this in a mini version in a few days...I'll post measurements on that once I do. I hope this leaves you with an idea or two in your head, or at least a smile on your face! Until next time, be good crafters!

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