Monday, July 16, 2012

Did she use a Cricut to make this? Yes, AND then some!

Happy Monday! A neighbor asked if I would create a card for a bridal shower that she had to attend. I got out my Gypsy and got to creating. After finding the perfect bride, I started thinking about the rest of the card. I ended up using transparent paper to stick the bride on and stuck that to a sheet I printed out (using my computer) of the typical wedding vows. I was liking it. My first attempt at this type of card, and I felt like I succeeded so I handed it off to my neighbor.

Since then, I have been waiting to hear how the shower went and if my card was well received. Well, my neighbor has reported that the bride-to-be loved it. It got held up, for all to see with the question, "Did she use a Cricut to make this?" and with comments such as, "What a wonderful card to get my own ideas from!"

That being said, I now have a smile on my face. So, here it is...maybe it will give you some ideas and put a smile on your face today too! TTFN

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