Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wait, What? Really?

Once in a blue moon I get these wild ideas of doing something. This time, it was entering our county fair's arts and crafts scrapbook, cards, and stamping division for this years fair. Making this decision with only hours left to register, I jumped on my computer and registered myself to enter four cards.

Wait, what? I have 3 weeks to come up with and create four cards...what was I thinking? So, two Christmas cards, one party card, and one 2012 Fair theme card. Fair theme this year is Home Sweet Home. Okay, I can do this...can't I?

I created the cards and was really happy with three of the four. And the day came to deliver them. I had no clue how easy this next part was going to be...I imagined waiting in a line for hours when in reality it went really well. All of 10 minutes max to turn everything in. That was easy!

Fair opened yesterday, but my family couldn't go. Today though, we did. On the way there I kept telling myself that I must not be disappointed if I didn't get a ribbon. Well, we walked through the gate and I told my hubby I had to go see my cards before doing anything else. So, we did.

Wait, what? Really? OMG! One of my cards got 2nd place! It was the Fair theme Home Sweet Home card! I couldn't believe it!

Once in a Blue Moon, I get these wild ideas that leave me smiling! I hope you do too! TTFN

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