Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't have a cow...or two.

So...I bought those ever so cute Peachy Keen stamps for the Create A Critter Cricut cartridge and couldn't wait to try them out. However, something just isn't right and I'm about to have a cow over it.

I used my Gypsy for ease of all on one mat and knowing where stuff would be cut. Kept my images GROUPED, so when enlarging, the pieces would be the accurate size for ALL of the layers. Placed the images according to color on the mat and when the time was right (DD up from nap), started the cutting process.

Well, here's where I have a cow...or, realistically, don't have two cows because those pieces that should have layered up ever so nicely...FAIL! They don't line up! What is up with that? Ugh!

And then, everything was supposed to be "peachy keen" with just stamping a cute face on, but that didn't seem to work out right either. What am I missing here?

Out come the scissors so I can start cutting away part of one cow because I'm determined to make it work, one way or another. And I'm left with a cow I may be able to work with.

Hopefully once DD goes down for tonight, I'll be able to chalk the cow and see if I can have a cow and smile, instead of having a cow. Until next time, be good crafters...TTFN

Edited to add a finished picture. Success with the cows! After some trimming and a few additions, I think these cows are cute...yep, I'm smiling! I hope you are too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Sometime I have the same kinds of craty calamities! Nice to know I'm not the only one.